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Night Shift Blues - Blade Runner Fan Art

"The three weeks of acid rain was an annoyance to everyone, and the protec suits was the worst shit the company ever pushed on us. After yet another day of no sleep, I showed up late for my night shift, again. The man was not happy, said he would put me on the list if it happens again. This job has turned to complete shit since we merged with Tyrell. That new guy Colby and I was to share the load, but he hasn't showed up since he had to take that IQ test last week. Fucker! Probably got a promotion. On a side note, I was told we are converting these old cargo vessels into attack ships. Man do I feel sorry for the poor bastards that have to operate them. The ships are junk. In the resurging conflict, I doubt they will even make it as far as Orions Belt."

Always wondered what the working class heroes did in Blade Runner. Hope you like it.